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Through the power of our communities, Onu improves financial outcomes for future generations.

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Meet our founders


You don‘t have to be a millionaire to think about investing. Onu is free for parents, because we're all trying to do right for our kids.


UGMA? ETFs? IDK. You shouldn‘t need a glossary to manage your money. We promise the only alphabet soup here is the one you serve for lunch.


Transparency builds trust — and trustworthy companies. We have no hidden fees and we never ever sell your data.

We want to give every child the opportunity to pursue their dreams

We want every child to be able to build fulfilling lives. Financial freedom gives us the power to pursue the work we love, care for our loved ones and invest back into our communities. Our goal is to uplift an entire generation by tapping into the generosity of our families and communities.

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Meet our founders

Anne Mandich

Founder & CEO
Anne got her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Georgia before heading west to pursue a data science career. After her son was born, she wanted to find a better way to channel all the love from her community — it was the inspiration behind Onu.

Caleb Marshack

Founder & CPO
Caleb graduated from Stanford with a degree in design before jumping into the world of startups. Previously, he served as founding Head of Product at Haven Money, which sold to Credit Karma in 2019. He's passionate about finding innovative ways to help communities at scale.

Sloane Sturzenegger

Founder & CTO
Sloane was an advisor at Haven Money where he helped families create financial plans. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at Pinterest and Instagram. Bridging these experiences, he‘s creating a fun place for families to invest for the future.
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